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Welcome to the South East Queensland Polo Club 

Polo is an action packed, high adrenaline sport and South East Queensland is home to some of Australia’s best fields. South East Queensland Polo Club is based in the beautiful Scenic Rim. The club consists of privately owned fields which are opened up to the public for regular weekend tournaments. Our Polo season runs from May til September and we’d love you to come along see what all the fuss is about!


  1. Avalon Low Goal

    29 June - 30 June
  2. Avalon Low Goal

    6 July - 7 July
  3. Silver Shop Bracelet

    13 July - 14 July
  4. Cooke/O’Leary

    20 July - 21 July
  5. Sapphire Shield

    27 July - 28 July
  6. Custodian Low Goal

    3 August - 4 August

South East Queensland Polo Club